Easy Paypal Checkout in Rails using Smart Payment Buttons

How to easily build modern Paypal Checkout in Rails in less code than ever before »
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Developing an API client in Ruby

Lots of time, when we want to integrate to a public API, we look for an API client/wrapper in the language that we are familliar with or in the same language as our application that we want to integrate. When you are in luck, you will find the ones that match your language and technical requirement. However, should the existing client does not satisfy your needs, or there is no client at all, why not build one yourself? This post hopefully will help you in creating API client in Ruby. »
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Building plain Rails 5 API (Part 1)

The general sentiment when you want to build an API backend is to never choose rails. However, when performance is not high on priority and when speed of delivery is more important, using Rails is the best option for any ruby or Rails developer. »
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Mock HTTP Request For Robust Testing In Ruby

How you can test integration with external APIs without eating up unnecessary time and resource by stubbing those requests with Webmock. »
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Using SQL View in Rails For Complex Queries

This post will give you an explanation about what SQL view is, when to use it, and how to implement it in Rails »
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Using Auth0 for Authentication in Your Rails App

How to easily build authentication using Auth0 for Rails app. »
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