Engineering Lead, Ruby Developer

Based in Jakarta 👨‍💻 Code and lead team Remotely
last updated: Jun 20, 2021
Key Expertise
  • Design and kickstart software project from conception to running in production
  • Build Team from scratch and have it hitting milestones
  • Establish strong culture and practices that adopt from best practices in industry
  • Building systems for Enterprise with Ruby and Rails
Git, Ruby, Rails, VueJS, Datadog, Bitbucket, Github, JIRA, Confluence, Google Cloud


Coding is a passion that I found accidentally during the latter part of my university years. But my background in Management and past experiences in leadership position during university and also career made me realize how much I love mentoring, getting results, seeing improvements from my team. I am a strong believer in hitting expectations by establishing strong team culture through setting examples, rules, and operating procedures; and not being afraid to change any of it if improvements or results do not come.

Selected Work History

Jan 2021-now
Aug 2019
Lead Software Engineer @ Mekari, Jakarta
Transitioning the Internal Billing system to become critical piece in the Mekari ecosystems.
  • Setup exhaustive documentations of product features and business as well as technical flows
  • Setup On-Call system, standard operating procedure and practices.
  • Setup automatic code quality check on Build Pipeline in Bitbucket for preventing code smells and structure duplicates being merged.
  • Pushed test coverage to >97%
Senior Ruby Developer @ Mekari, Jakarta
Joined Mekari as senior dev to kickstart the development of Internal Billing system from scratch, to unite all the billing processes for Mekari's multi SaaS products.
The challenges vary, but most notably was the complex and varying business flows within Mekari itself for each of its SaaS products, from sales to invoicing. So I had to work closely with the Product Owner to dig, gather, analyze requirement then solicit feedback from users, and get continual improvements from that loop.
  • Designed from scratch and launched the Mekari Internal Billing system with a team comprising of 2 junior engineers in 2 months
  • Lead a bilingual and distributed team, spanning 3 time zones and 3 islands, without any missed sprint commitments.
  • Designed and shipped a full-cycle accounting integration to Jurnal in under 1 month.
  • Maintain high standard of code coverage, ranging between 94% to 95%
Feb 2018
Lead Ruby Developer @ HarukaEdu , Jakarta
Maintained and added to the maturing University Management System, coupled with kickstarted the Student Enrollment system project and Grading plus Attendance API.
  • Led a team of 4 developers, with 3 of them juniors. Coached and mentored them to be an effective contributors to the team.
  • Designed and delivered new version of student enrollment system with only a fresh-grad junior developer as the team member
  • Initiated, conceptualized, and delivered internal notification system for student enrollment process 60% faster than scheduled by utilizing Slack chat channel
  • Designed and Built an internal APIs that are responsible as attendance system and grading student scores that manage to be more scalable, modular, and efficient than the legacy versions.
Aug 2016
Ruby on Rails developer @ HarukaEdu , Jakarta
Worked to develop University Management System and personally building email delivery API for internal use without an engineering lead in the team.
  • Individually researched, designed, and developed Live online class feature using Zoom.us
  • Build, implement, and document email delivery system API using Mandrill


Universitas Indonesia, Depok, Indonesia
Bachelor Degree in Management, Major in Finance



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