Engineering Lead, Ruby Developer

Based in Jakarta 👨‍💻 Code and lead team Remotely

updated: June 20, 2021

Key Expertise


Git, Ruby, Rails, VueJS, Datadog, Bitbucket, Github, JIRA, Confluence, Google Cloud


Coding is a passion that I found accidentally during the latter part of my university years. But my background in Management and past experiences in leadership position during university and also career made me realize how much I love mentoring, getting results, seeing improvements from my team. I am a strong believer in hitting expectations by establishing strong team culture through setting examples, rules, and operating procedures; and not being afraid to change any of it if improvements or results do not come.

Selected Work History

Jan 2021-now

Aug 2019

Lead Software Engineer @ Mekari, Jakarta

Transitioning the Internal Billing system to become critical piece in the Mekari ecosystems.

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