Nice to see you!

Hi, my name is Galih, and what I aim to do with Routine is to help fellow developers to continuously learn and improve their skills.

Continuously learning and growing are basically a requirement to stay employable/hireable as software developers. New language, frameworks, plugins, best-practices come up almost daily. This can be a bit of tiring routines as lots of things move and change pretty fast in tech. Herein lies the reason why I start this. The goal of this site is to make learning easier and more exciting. So if you do not find those two things here, please do contact me, let me know if you have any suggestion or criticism. You can reach me via email or my other social network profiles.

About myself, currently I work at Mekari, a leading SaaS provider in Indonesia that serves both small to mid businesses and the large corporations in Indonesia with a number of softwares, most notably the accounting software called Jurnal and the HR software called Talenta. The engineering team is huge and has a unique twist of being a result of multiple companies merging into one, so there are some exciting challenges of dealing with multiple cultures and standards. My responsibility now is to lead a brand new team developing the universal billing system for the multiple softwares that we charge our customers from scratch.

My journey getting here is not straight-forward. I actually studied finance in university, you know, to work on stock market or banking industries. However, a chance encounter got me participated in a hackathon and made me realize the importance and the power software developers have when it comes to making lots of ideas come true. The way I looked at it (and I still do), software developers are a bunch of wizards that can conjure something up by typing the spells, instead of uttering them, while I was just a muggle sitting on a desk. After that hackathon, my mind was set to “un-muggle” myself.

Having learned a bit of coding, I then pursued two “startup” ideas with my friends during last year of university. Needless to say I failed, otherwise I would not be working for a company right now. I learned a lot from my failure and carry the lesson (and the scars) to this day. I remain passionate of making and building my own ideas, and Routine is my latest attempt at that.

Nowadays I am always on the lookout for ways to build and ship things quickly, with less code. Be it when you put on your employee hat or maker hat, at the end of the day, we as developers are judged on what we manage to deliver given a set of constraints. So in this site I also will cover ‘hacks’ that can allow you to achieve that.